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Christmas at the Lodge Park in Megève

Discover the magic of Christmas at the Lodge Park in Megève!

Christmas at Lodge Park

An Enchanted Christmas in Megève

Hot chocolate, horse-drawn carriage rides through the snowy streets of Megève, Christmas shopping... Just a stone's throw from Megève's village square, through two picturesque alleyways, stands the Lodge Park, adorned in wood and stone. Immerse yourself in a world where... the glow of the fireplace, accompanied by carols in the background, creates an enchanting atmosphere, inviting you to experience the magic of Christmas.

Megève Lodge Park Noël

Le Beef Lodge

Whatever the time of day, crowds flock here to sample our Argentinian barbecued meats, the hotel's specialty. Melting in the mouth, they reveal a delicate smoky flavor. During this magical time of year, the Beef Lodge offers a special menu for New Year's Eve, providing an exceptional culinary experience!

The Lodge Bar

Others flock to the bar to sip the house cocktails, including a terrific Moscow Mule, or in front of the fireplace, their eyes shining with greed at the idea of brunching there. The festive atmosphere of the Lodge bar creates the ideal setting for these convivial moments. The Lodge bar will also be offering a special menu for New Year's Eve!

Come and discover the festive spirit of Christmas in Megève by staying at the Lodge Park!