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Raw, noble and natural materials, nothing has been left to chance in the Pure Altitude Spa at the Lodge Park hotel. Discover our skincare rituals developed with our home-made products, featuring more than fifty mountain flowers, extreme plants, minerals and crystals, for rituals at the cutting edge of dermo-cosmetics, for the greatest pleasure of your skin.

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Spa menu

1 day

Beauté Glacée

2h10 - 300€
A Body Care and a Face Care for a complete beauty treatment, perfect before a party!

Zen Altitude

2h30 - 390€
The perfect combination of a Facial and 2 Pure Altitude Signature Body Treatments, for deep relaxation.


1h15 - 220€
A "Cocooning" body ritual for a moment of intense relaxation.
Several days

Pur Massage

5h10 - 740€
Discover the full range of Pure Altitude Signature Massage Rituals for a unique experience.

Silhouette des Cimes

4h35 - 720€
A detoxifying, disinfiltrating and toning program to regain a beautiful figure.


3h55 - 540€
An invigorating and energizing program, spread over several days, for total fitness.
The fundamentals

Precious Eye Care

50 min - €140
Ideal for tired eyes, this treatment combines drainage and palpate-roll to smooth wrinkles and fine lines and visibly reduce puffiness and dark circles. The look of youth is restored.

Oxygen bubble

50 min - €140
A traditional facial from the Pure Altitude line, which your practitioner will personalize according to your skin's needs. Cleansing and detoxifying, it combines complete facial care with reflex zone massage to oxygenate the skin and soothe epidermis damaged by the cold and external aggressions.

Éclat de Givre

25 min - €75
An ultra-effective treatment, fully customized to your skin's needs, to deeply cleanse the skin and discover all the benefits of the Pure Altitude line. Instant radiance!

Aesthetic drainage with Maca root elixir

25 or 50 min - €75/€140
The combination of Maca Root Elixir, a powerful regenerating serum, and a gentle massage with regular pressure, stimulates lymphatic circulation to awaken the skin's natural radiance. Ideal as a "detox" treatment after periods of excess.
Signature treatments

Alp-Cells Repair treatment with gold leaf

80 min - €210
An ultra-innovative, exclusive and unique anti-aging ritual, combining the redensifying active ingredients of Alp-Cells Repair Cream and the remodeling properties of Germanium Repair Stylet with a gold-leaf mask that acts as a genuine cell regenerator.

Lift4810 Anti-Aging Facial Massage

80 min - €190
A facial massage that combines ancestral massage techniques with the best of the mountain's natural resources and the ultra-high-tech active ingredients from biotechnology contained in Pure Altitude products.

Himalayan Rose Care

80 min - €190
Complete facial treatment, combining skin cleansing, palpate-roll, aesthetic lymphatic drainage and Rose Quartz roller massage, with the ultra-replumping power of the Rosalpina Youth Mask and the highly regenerating Elixir Himalaya.

Life sap care

80 min - €170
This complete facial treatment combines skin cleansing with the benefits of cryodermie, a cold technique stabilized at -5° that activates venous and lymphatic microcirculation, complemented by a radiance-boosting Vitamin C mask.

Bol d'Air Pur treatment

80 min - €170
Complete facial treatment, combining skin cleansing and manual manoeuvres with warm Basalt pebbles and cool Jade rollers for a hot/cold effect that effectively stimulates lymphatic circulation.


25 min - €70
The G5 is a low-frequency vibration device applied to the skin that mobilizes tissues deep down, creates hyperhemia, stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins.

Lift Body Care 4810

50 min - €140
A Snow Crystal scrub, exfoliating and softening, followed by a Cranberry wrap, with antioxidant properties.

Alpine gourmet care

50min - €140
A Snow Crystal scrub, exfoliating and softening, followed by a Honey and Mountain Plants body wrap, with softening and moisturizing properties.

Snow-white care

50 min - €140
An exfoliating and softening Cristaux de Neige scrub, followed by a Crème Comme la Neige body wrap, with anti-aging edelweiss and softening Arctic berries.

Snow crystal scrub

25min - €75
Formulated around the benefits of crystals and minerals, Cristaux de Neige Scrub with remineralizing Kaolin and antioxidant Malachite combines with softening hazelnut oil to create a supple, comfortable texture.

Wrap with honey and mountain plants

25 min - €75
Body wrap with soothing mountain plant extracts (edelweiss, bilberry, arnica montana), a soothing and regenerating phytoamine complex, nourishing honey and ultra-moisturizing shea butter.

Cranberry wrap

25 min - €75
Enriched with anti-aging and antioxidant cranberry and regenerating magnesium, this deliciously textured body wrap gently warms up, providing an enveloping, cocooning sensation.

Wrapped in cream like snow

25 min - €75
Formulated with antioxidant edelweiss, decongestant Arctic berries and anti-stress malachite, Comme la Neige Cream relaxes and nourishes, leaving your skin soft and subtly iridescent.
Signature massages
Cranial massage
25 min - €75
An ancestral massage technique originating in India, cranial massage releases accumulated tension, improves sleep quality and relieves headaches and ophthalmic pain.
Slimming massage
25 or 50 min - €75/€140
Massage combining palpating, rolling, deep kneading and beating with essential oil frictions. Blood circulation improves and toxins are evacuated for a visibly smoother, more toned figure.
Aesthetic Lymphatic Drainage
50 min - €140
Very gentle manual massage to stimulate lymph circulation and detoxify the body, while strengthening the immune system. Highly effective against cellulite, water retention and edema.
Hot Stone Massage
50min or 80 min - €150/€190
Massage with ancestral virtues, performed with Basalt stones. The penetrating, radiant heat of the volcanic stones warms the muscles, helping to dissolve tension.
Pure Mama Care
50min - €150
A massage specially designed for expectant mothers, combining a gentle, deep massage of the body and face with a comforting honey and mountain plant wrap applied to the belly.
Alpine energy ritual
80min - €190
A complete massage alternating stretching, deep sculpting and tapping with linen mini-pouches filled with Himalayan salts and alpine plants. A detoxifying treatment that relieves tension, boosts energy and leaves skin ultra-soft.
Detox massage with edelweiss elixir
50 min / 80 min - €150/€190
Body and face treatment combining Tui Na, an energetic massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and designed to harmonize Qi, and Gua Sha, a method of stimulating points along the meridians using a jade stone.
Ice cube care
50 min - €140
Leg massage with cold stones followed by a cryogenic wrap with hypothermizing properties, stimulating blood and lymph circulation and relieving discomfort. Ideal for hot weather.
The Skier's Secret
50min - €150
Massage combining firm, toning maneuvers with stretching and pressure points to boost circulation and detoxify muscles, helping to prevent muscle soreness. Ideal for après-ski or just after intense exercise, for complete muscle recovery.
Candlelight ritual
50min or 80min - €150/€190
Full-body candle massage with the "Fleurs de Neige" fragrance, the olfactory signature of Pure Altitude Spas, with notes of wild narcissus, broom and aromatic mountain herbs.
Pure Altitude ritual
25 min / 50 min / 80 min - €75/€140/€180
Customized massages. A deep-acting massage for the whole body, with a ritual combining massage and the application of hot towels with essential oils and invigorating scents.
sauna-hammam-megèvestamp mountain spa

Your Spa in Megève
Our wellness and pool areas

Inspired by the purity of the Alps, this luxury sanctuary is perfectly equipped to provide you with a holistic experience. Let yourself be enveloped by the tranquility of our four treatment rooms, including a spacious double cabin, perfect for relaxing moments alone or as a couple. Our saunas, both traditional and infrared, promise you deep relaxation, while the hammam transports you to a world of intense relaxation. The freshness of our Ice Room is ideal for stimulating your circulation, boosting your skin's radiance. Continue your wellness journey with a workout in our gym equipped by Technogym or swimming in our elegant 12-metre pool. 

Lodge Park Hotel  

Our wellness areas



Our dry sauna provides optimum heat resistance and a soothing aroma, promoting muscle relaxation and detoxification.



Our hammam is designed to purify and relax. The warm, moist steam deeply cleanses the pores while creating a soothing environment.

Light therapy-megève-lodge-park

Light therapy

Light therapy, a gentle, non-invasive method, uses specially designed lights to reproduce the beneficial effects of sunlight.


Fitness room

Our fitness room, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, offers an ideal space for cardio and strength training.


Swimming pool

The Pure Altitude Spa pool is an elegant, immersive place to relax.


Sensory Shower

The Sensory Shower at our spa combines water jets, temperature variations, lights and aromas to offer you a sensory journey that relaxes body and mind.

Spa relaxation room

Rest room

Our relaxation room, with its comfortable armchairs, soft lighting and soothing music, offers a haven of tranquillity in which to unwind after a treatment.

Ice room

Ice room

Our ice room promotes revitalization thanks to its icy environment, providing a revitalizing and refreshing effect.


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Relax for a day
Day SPa

Treat yourself to a moment of pure well-being: a Pure Altitude treatment, breakfast or afternoon snack and a light therapy session in the chic, woodsy Nordic ambience of Lodge Park's Pure Altitude Spa.

your day spa includes

1 Pure Altitude treatment of 50 or 80 minutes in our Pure Altitude Spa (choose from: Bulle d'Oxygène, Fondamental Gentleman, Blanc comme Neige or Rituel Pure Altitude).

Free access to all our sports, relaxation and wellness facilities.

Breakfast or snack.


€160 with the 50-minute treatment package
€200 with the 80-minute treatment package

By reservation, subject to availability. Excluding winter school vacations.

Tel: +33 4 50 93 08 63

Cosmetic care with mountain plants


Over 20 years ago, in the alpine garden of Les Fermes de Marie in Megève, France, Jocelyne Sibuet and a botanist joined forces to create the Pure Altitude cosmetics line. Derived from the original purity of edelweiss and mountain plants, Pure Altitude combines the richness and power of the active ingredients found in this unspoiled mountain flora in a cosmetics line that respects the environment.

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